Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Is it effective for weight loss?

As Grandma claimed, Apple cider vinegar is said to help you lose weight faster. We took a closer look.

Although the apple cider vinegar diet isn’t new, it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The sour brew can aid in weight loss if you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take part in sports. But is that really what it does?

This is how the apple cider vinegar diet works. The apple cider vinegar diet is not about drinking vinegar every day. The slimming diet focuses on converting your diet towards low-calorie mixed food. Aim not to eat more than 1,200 calories a day.

This is the specialty: You have a glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar before every meal. This increases metabolism and decreases appetite, so you eat less. To enhance the effect, acidic vinegar can flavor the food.

There is no scientific evidence.

But is it useful in practice? There have been no scientific studies to confirm the miracle effects of apple cider vinegar.

Researchers found that acetic acids positively impact metabolism and fat deposition in overweight mice and rats.

There is, however, no comparable evidence for humans. One study in Japan often quoted reports weight loss successes among vinegar water-consuming participants. Nevertheless, the subjects lost only one to two kilograms in twelve weeks.

This weak evidence means insufficient evidence to support the claims that apple cider vinegar and vinegar, in general, can help with weight loss. This was the conclusion of the European Food Safety Authority.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar diet

You might still want to give it a try, but here are some things you need to consider. Although there are no side effects to the apple cider vinegar diet, you should be aware: Vinegar should always be drunk diluted, and vinegar can cause tooth decay if it is not diluted properly.

Vinegar is also believed to lower potassium levels, which is particularly important for those who take potassium-lowering medications.