Homemade foot cream, heel
repair cream recipe

You may have heard of homemade foot remedies, but have you ever thought of making
one? Aloe Vera gel, avocado, banana, and coconut oil are all great options to try.
These natural ingredients have healing properties, so they can help heal cracked heels
in no time at all. Here’s how to make your own heel cream at home. You can also add
other natural ingredients, such as essential oils or herbs.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is an excellent remedy for dry, cracked heels. This natural plant contains
96% water, 200 healing phytonutrients, and 18 amino acids. Aloe Vera has excellent
moisturizing and exfoliating properties and regularly applied to heels will restore
softness and suppleness. It is also a natural anti-fungal and an effective healer of
nearly any skin ailment.
This soothing gel can help heal skin irritations and scars. It also contains natural
antibacterial properties and can help clear skin pores of impurities. You can make an
aloe-based scrub by mixing a small amount of aloe with brown sugar or granules. The
gel can be applied twice a day to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. If you don’t
feel comfortable applying the gel directly to your skin, you can freeze it to use as a
soothing mask.


An easy homemade remedy for cracked heels can be made with two common
ingredients: avocados and bananas. These two fruits are loaded with potassium, oleic
acid, and vitamins. Avocados are especially useful for treating cracked heels as the
pulp can be used as a foot mask. Bananas are also rich in potassium and can help
relieve dry and cracked skin. You can also blend avocado pulp with bananas for a
cream that can heal your cracked heels.
A homemade foot mask using avocado and banana can also help treat rough calluses
and heal wounds. Simply mash one avocado half with a small amount of cornmeal or
sea salt. Then, apply this paste to the affected areas and rinse off with warm water.
The essential oils in avocados speed up the callosing process. After 20 minutes, rinse
off the foot mask. Apply avocado foot mask regularly to your heels for a soft, smooth


If you’re in need of a homemade regenerating cream for cracked heels, banana may be
the answer. This fruit’s moisturizing properties make it ideal for cracked heels. Using
banana and coconut oil can provide an excellent solution. Both ingredients contain
many beneficial nutrients and are gentle on the skin. These two ingredients can also
draw water from the inner tissues of the skin to the outer layers. This natural remedy
for cracked heels will make your feet look and feel great!
The cream is also quick and effective. It contains 7 herbs and works instantly to
soothe, hydrate, and repair cracked heels. It also relieves other dry skin conditions
such as chapped hands, fissures, and chilblains. This remedy can be made at home and
is safe enough for daily use. However, if you’d rather save money, you can buy a
natural remedy.

Coconut oil

There are many options for repairing cracked heels. Coconut oil is a wonderful
moisturizer and has antifungal properties. Raw shea butter is another great choice. It
contains plenty of fatty acids and vitamins. You can add lavender essential oil to
soothe cracked heels and exfoliate dry skin. You can also add tea tree oil, which has
antibacterial and antifungal properties. A slow cooker works well for this process.
Coconut oil contains a high percentage of medium-chain fatty acids, which help
nourish and protect the skin. These acids are similar to the fatty acids that line the
outer layer of the skin. Coconut oil also penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and
provides a rich moisturizing and protecting layer. The fatty acids in coconut oil help
prevent infection and heal cracked heels. This treatment is a must-have for cracked

Lavender essential oil

If you suffer from cracked heels, then a good cream that is formulated with lavender
essential oil will be of great help to you. Lavender essential oil is soothing and acts as
a topical moisturizer and emollient. It also helps to restore the natural moisture
balance of the skin. The lavender essential oil also helps to extend the shelf life of the
foot cream.


If you’re looking for a heel repairing cream, you may want to consider glycerin. This
substance is known for its moisturizing properties. Applying glycerin to cracked heels
is an excellent way to speed up the healing process. A combination of glycerin, lemon
juice, and rosewater can also help repair cracked heels. You can use these creams
overnight to achieve smoother, softer heels.
Some people develop cracked heels because of skin conditions. Some women develop
acquired keratoderma after menopause where the skin on the heel becomes cracked
and rough. Topical estrogen ointments can help heal the affected area. Some women
are at risk for this condition after menopause, so they need to find a heel repairing
cream that contains estrogen. Glycerin is known to have healing properties and is one
of the main components in many ointments.
A good foot cream should be enriched with shea butter and glycerin. The cream should
also contain vitamin E and plant-based glyceryl stearate. These ingredients have
moisturizing and antifungal benefits. The cream should be hypoallergenic and safe for
diabetics. Apply the cream daily and watch the cracks go away. When used regularly,
foot cream for cracked heels will provide long-term relief.