These are three drink recipes that can help you lose stomach fat.

Extra fat around the abdomen is extremely harmful to your heart health. If there is excess fat around the abdomen, even lean individuals are at risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Any exercise that increases your heart rate is welcome if you look to lose abdominal fat. An American Journal of Physiology study found that running 20 km per week is the best way to remove abdominal fat.

You can speed up the process by including certain foods and teas in your diet, especially if they are consumed before bed.

These three drinks recipes can help you lose stomach fat.

Drinks that can melt pounds if consumed before bed

This drink is easy to make in your kitchen, and it doesn’t require any special ingredients, and you probably have all the ingredients you need at home.

Cucumbers are well-known for having low calories and high amounts of water. Parsley is another important ingredient in weight loss, and it contains vitamins A, C, and B. The drink will have a more pleasant taste and make it easier for the digestive system and intestines to function properly. Blend all ingredients, then add water. Take it out of the blender and add water.


Green tea and exercise go hand-in-hand and can help you lose belly fat quicker. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which prevent the body from accumulating harmful substances. It can be prepared before you go to bed and will continue its work while you sleep.


A warm cup before you go to bed will help improve digestion and soothe bloating. Healthy digestion is key to weight loss, and it helps eliminate toxins and allows the body to absorb vital nutrients.